Tagaytay with Tata

We visited my grandfather, Tata, last Good Friday and, as usual, it was a riot in his house in Amadeo. Never-ending teasing and laughter and horsing around among his children and grandchildren. I know that, deep inside, we all just want to glimpse of even the tiniest smile and hear even the slightest chuckle from Tata to somehow lessen whatever sense of sorrow and loss he still feels now that Nana is gone.

After lunch, a bunch of us played Bet Game, a very Pinoy game of cards. I just stood and watched because the game was intense and I’m not hardcore enough. Haha. Tata even joined in a round or two. All of a sudden, my uncle said we’re going to Tagaytay to treat Tata for merienda. We couldn’t all fit in the car so the gamers stayed behind and off we went to Bag of Beans where my cousin treated us to delicious food.

Here are some photos from my blogger cousin Arnie 🙂


Daddy just had to call me right when this photo was taken. Hehe.
Arnie and Tricia
Tattered Jeans Club
With our youngest cousin, Jerome, who’s an upcoming Grade 7 honor-student-for-sure. Haha. Pressure much?


There’s our Tata!

I live practically just an hour away but it was my first time at Bag of Beans. The place was huge but it didn’t feel suffocating and somehow still retained its homey feel. There were a lot of people when we went considering it was a long weekend, but there were no queues and service was relatively quick.

In the end, we’re all very happy with the food, the ambiance, and most of all, Tata’s subtle joy.


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