Mystery Manila

What would you do if you had an hour to play make-believe? Fore me and my friends Jesrell, Bea, Joan, we chose a game of escaping a room haunted by dolls possessed y evil spirits. Yes, very Conjuring and Annabelle. Thanks to Mystery Manila, we were able to do just that through their Debby’s Doll mystery challenge. Hehe. Here’s a little backgrounder from Mystery Manila’s website:

Days after your family moved in to a secluded house, strange things started to happen. You found out that these occurrences were caused by an old doll which your little sister, Debby, found inside the house. Because of these paranormal events, your family decided to move out. Just when you were about to move out, the evil spirit starts to manifest itself to keep you from leaving. Can you escape the mysterious entity behind Debby’s Doll?

Full disclosure: We didn’t solve the mystery, but we were this close. We just needed one last key to escape but sadly, our 60 minutes was up. And yes, we asked for clues twice. During the game, you could ask for unlimited clues from the Mystery Manila crew and they will just add 5 minutes to your total time played when finished but your 60 minutes of game time will not be affected.

Ayan tayo sa Almost eh
See what we did there? Hahaha


After our game, we went around Century City Mall trying to decide where to eat. Strangely, we weren’t very hungry; maybe all the adrenaline fueled us.




Joan is one of my kindest friends! I just realized yesterday how much I missed this girl.
He needs some space






Ang labo nito haha

Finally, we decided to eat shaved ice at Mango and Cheese Korean Bingsu Dessert, a place that Bea recommended. It still amazes me how ice can be that fine. It felt like eating snowflakes, not that I’d ever tried it before, but I imagine it would be like that. Hehe.


Can you guess who ordered which flavor?

Probably not so I’m just gonna say it: I ordered red beans, Jesrell ordered mango, Bea had choco brownie, and Joan chose strawberry. Like all true friends, we took turns trying out each other’s flavors. Haha.

Let’s face it: They’re too pretty not to take close-up shots of. Hehe.



My favorite among the four flavors was the red bean. Ironically, I don’t have a photo of it. Hehe. As I was ordering, I suddenly remembered this scene from the Korean drama Healer when the character was eating patbingsu with his mom. So I thought I’d have red bean patbingsu as well. Hehe. Great choice because it was yummy!

I couldn’t find a picture of the scene I described so in my frustration, I chose this cute one instead. Hehe.


Hirap mag-selfie with an actual camera ha
So we switched to Bea’s phone instead hehe
Effort to include the cafe name in the frame haha
I love us 🙂


I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: Honestly, I don’t have that much friends, but the ones that I have, I love dearly with all my fragile little heart. ❤


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