Chiang Mai Design Week

I said in my premiere Thailand post that Chiang Mai Design Week deserves a post of its own, and as promised, here it is! šŸ™‚

The theme of the Chiang Mai Design Week 2016 was “New Originals” and the simultaneous and diverse events held all around the city were overflowing with creative ideas about functional design. From retail wear to sustainable products to urban planning, #CMDW2016 had something in store for everyone.



The first stop we visited was the Lanna Architecture Center where an exhibit and a pop-up market were held at the same time.




In the front yard was an installation of mirrors. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s something brave and quite irreverent in the juxtaposition of mirrors reflecting each other under the glaring heat of the sun.


~Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me~

I went upstairs where there was an exhibit about food exploration andĀ gastronomy design.

I love that name: Ratchdamnoen Rd.


I love this shot of Ate Elo at the souvenir shop

We stayed a bit to plan where we would go next. There were fiveĀ of us: two educators, two architects, and then me, a… lost girl trying to navigate through the world. Hahaha. We decided to walk around for a quick lunch before returning to the festivities of #CMDW. We saw some pretty interesting stuff along the way!

Cute rustic post box. Random useless trivia: I may have fallen in love with the color red while in Chiang Mai.
Elephants were everywhere (as well as cute handwritten store notes)
Over the years I have accumulated quite a number of postcards (I love them) and I kind of really need/want this practical and aesthetic postcard display rack.
Teacups are exquisite


Chiang Mai weather is breezy but we were then walking at around noon time and when we saw an ice cream store, we automatically just stopped and chose our flavors. Hehe.

I honestly forgot what flavor I chose, but I remember it being so light and refreshing and I’m guessing it was lemon coconut.

After a few more minutes of walking, we found a place to eat. Yay!

The restaurant was sharing the space with a spa


Lunch was delicious and filling. The alfresco dining experience made it even more fun. I don’t have pictures of the food but I made sure to take a photo of my passionfruit sodaĀ because it was so pretty and reminded me of summer.

Those yellow pearls burst in your mouth and will make you giggle hehehe


Our agenda after lunch was to attend a talk called Craft Connect where Southeast Asian artists (including Cebuanos!) would talk about their work and creative process. When we checked our map, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the venue was right inside the restaurant. Hehe.



Just being around artists and creatives made me feel like I was an artist myself, even though I’m really just a spectator being amazed at all the interaction and exchange of ideas about how good design could make the world more livable and sustainable.

This is my entry to “Post a photo with someone you look up to” šŸ™‚


Would you believe these are cupcakes?
Street artist with a masterpiece in the making

After Craft Connect, we went back to Lanna Architecture Center to meet Yankee and Carla who attended a separate lecture about architecture. Apparently, the #CMDW Design Awards was scheduled that night. We got to witness the awarding ceremony from the glass window of the nearby coffee shop but we didn’t understand a word they said as it was all in Thai. Congrats to all the winners!


The coffee shop beside the Architecture Center was very quaint and homey. I hate myself for not remembering its name! Edit: Google did not let me down and revealed the name to me: Khum Kafe!! By then I was feeling a bit feverish so I ordered a cup of hot chocolate for the irrepressible kid in me. Hehe. I also downed a paracetamol just in case! And hey, it worked. The fever stayed away.

Lovely, isn’t it?

The sun just hit all the right spots. Love it.

Rich but not too thick, with just the right sweetness.




For dinner, we went to the Pop Market which was the place to be if you’re looking for pop-up stores, exciting food stalls, and live music. I loved the vibe of that place and it made me feel like anytime Jason Mraz was going to sing live and everyone would just jam with him. They didn’t have any alcohol but they had a nice substitute: beer-tasting coffee!








Dabbing in Thailand!

Our #CMDW adventures did not end here (we attended a seminar but that was for another day), but thisĀ concludes our first full day in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. To recap, it was all about coffee, culture, creativity. ā¤



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