Point and Shoot

Before the year ended, I gifted myself with a camera. Nothing fancy, just a secondhand point-and-shoot Olympus that my friend found for me at a good deal. So far, I’ve only used it on four occasions, but I am in no rush because I’m hopeful like that. Hahaha. What.

I just want to share some of the first photos I took on the day I got the camera. Because history seems to always have a penchant for firsts.


I think this is a fairly nice picture. The camera was in Auto mode (because I’m a noob) and it doesn’t hurt that the lighting at St. Marc Cafe was photo-friendly. A little back story: I was then waiting for my friends Bea and Joemhel because we decided to have an impromptu dinner. I didn’t mind waiting because I got food and food for the soul, my new Penguin Classics which I just bought that night. Great read! Sorry, but I just have to share some excerpts from the book!



These two photos were taken by my trusty Samsung phone camera. Please take the time to read them because when I did, something inside me lit up.


I decided to explore the camera and by “explore”, I mean just try the “artsy” function to get a black and white photo. Hehe.

I like the first one better, but this one ain’t so bad either
My dinner: Fish katsu burger

After a while, my friends arrived and as usual when I see the people I grew up with, my heart does a little somersault. I’m sentimental like that. #SorryNotSorry

Bea and I were like our 14-year-old selves again because suddenly we were telling Joemhel about our heartaches and frustrations and dumping it all on him. Joemhel shared an important life lesson with us that night and I think I loved him even more for that:

It’s either you win or you learn. 

Aaww. So much truth and wisdom is such a simple sentence.

Nahimasmasan na after makarinig ng advice hahaha


“Candid” moment 😛
This one is really candid, promise 🙂


I only have a handful of friends in this life, but the ones that I do, I love dearly and with all my fragile, beaten, resilient heart. Hahaha.


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