How a one-liner melted my heart

Something simple yet profoundly beautiful happened to me today: My grandfather Tata shared with me his favorite quote of all time, which he memorized since he was in high school. He said it was from this book called English and American Writers and that his teacher encouraged them to memorize it because what if someday this quote is the only thing that can save them from impending, imminent danger? I tried Googling the quote to know which work of literature it was from, but I couldn’t find it yet. Here’s the quote that Tata recited to me and melted my heart:

For if a man be only bold of heart and his time to die has not yet come, faith will spare him thus and bring him safely out of the hardest strife.

If you know which book this quote is from, please let me know. I would love to get that book for my Tata. Thank you. ❤


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