Hello. I turned 24 last week and it was kind of a big deal for me because I’m officially no longer part of the early-20s group as I now enter the threshold of the mid-20s crowd.

You know, half the people I know who are more or less the same age as me are getting married, getting pregnant, and getting their papers fixed to migrate somewhere else, while the other half are just getting out of bed from a drunken night or an all-nighter of DOTA 2. And I’m just like in a different category altogether because I belong in neither and it just leaves me feeling bewildered sometimes. We’ve heard it a thousand times before but it still doesn’t make it any easier for us not to fall into that age-old trap: comparing yourself with other people. Sometimes I feel like I’m too young to be feeling this old, and other times I’m convinced that I need to adult it up much more. When this happens, I find myself going back to my mantra which is to just take things one day at a time. (I’m not the best planner, obviously.)

Okay wow that was a lot of talking when I just really wanted to share some photos of how I celebrated my 24th birthday. Hehe. November is actually a birthday month in our family because my nephew Danyael celebrates his on the 3rd, me on the 4th, and Mommy on the 6th.

I skipped work that day because, as usual, I wanted to spend it with the people I love best. After all, it only comes around once a year!


We had a super filling and delicious Pinoy lunch at Balinsasayaw in Silang, which was just less than an hour away from our house. It was drizzling a bit that day and in hindsight, it was actually quite fitting because it reminded me of one of my all-time favorite quotes from John Green’s Looking for Alaska:

If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane.

I don’t know why Vicoy posed like that hehe


I asked them to show “24” in their poses and they lovingly obliged 🙂

That night, I insisted on cooking for my family and what else should it be other than my Pesto a la Patricia a.k.a. still the only dish I know how to make as of now. I’m proud to say that even though they had doubts about my abilities, the pesto was devoured. Hehe.

Simot sarap!

Every year since I turned 21, the only request I have for my birthday is to have a birthday cake with as much number of candles on it as my current age. I don’t have a picture of my cake but I have this precious photo of my parents preparing my birthday request

So much love ❤

We had the most hilarious time because of that cake. As I was blowing my candles, I almost ran out of breath because they just wouldn’t go out! Apparently, Mommy accidentally bought the re-lighting kind. Hahaha. The video is way too funny but for our eyes only 😛

Red wine for the (already red) birthday girl

Cheers to being 24! 🙂

P.S. It seems as though it was only yesterday when I wrote this post about how I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Time sure flies.


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