My First Ever Sleepover

I’m turning 24 in less than a month but I only had my first ever real sleepover at a friend’s house last Friday night. Is it weird that I’m strangely proud of that fact? 😀

Tricia's first eversleepover.png
Feeling artsy!

I’ve gone on out-of-town trips with friends, but I think there’s a difference when you’re spending the night at your friend’s house. It’s very teenage-y and somehow feels like a rite of passage. Or am I over-analyzing stuff again? Hahaha.

Anyway. My college friend Lilly invited us over at her house last Friday because she has the house all to herself since her mom went to visit her dad in Japan. A bunch of twenty-something year-olds in a house with no adult supervision? Why not? 🙂

I volunteered to cook dinner because I’m not allowed to cook at home. Back story: my mom has this irrational fear that I will burn the house down if I stay too long in the kitchen. Don’t ask me why; she just does. And so I thought of an easy dish to make because truth be told I’m such a kitchen noob. After a not-so-dramatic light bulb moment, I thought of the perfect dish to make: pesto pasta! It’s quite easy because I only needed pasta, a ready-to-eat over-the-counter pesto sauce, tuna, and some Parmesan cheese!

Presenting: Tuna pesto pasta by yours truly 🙂

Allow me to say that the dish turned out really well and if I may say so myself, actually tasted delicious. I’m not exaggerating when I say that we  finished the whole pot I made and there were only three of us. Yeah, patting myself on the back. Not bad for a first-timer Hehehe.

Tricia, Lilly, and Darell 🙂
Look at that empty pesto pot 😉

We originally planned on drinking some beer after dinner but we ended up having green tea and chocolates. We are officially on the verge of titahood and not the least bothered about it. Hehe. We spent the night just talking and laughing and fangirling over a bunch of things. We also watched Mission Impossible III but we didn’t finish it because at around 11:30PM, only Lilly was fully awake as Darell and I kept drowsing on the sofa. We barely even made it to midnight! Hahaha.

You would think that my first ever sleepover would have been a pretty wild thing because I might have tried to make up for the fact that this part of growing up got a bit delayed for me, but look how it turned out. Eating home-made dish, sipping on green tea, nibbling chocolates, fangirling over Tom Cruise, and then getting knocked out before midnight despite it being an alcohol-free day. Isn’t it amusing? 😀

How was your first ever sleepover? Do you remember what it was like? 🙂


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