FACE OFF KICKS Gets Featured in Manila Bulletin

About two months ago, my brother John messaged me on Facebook, asking a hilarious question:

“ERMERGHERDDD you wanna hear something legit?”

I was in the office when I read it but I still laughed out loud. It really got me curious so I bugged him until he finally told me that it was about their start-up business, FACE OFF KICKS. My brother and his wife Juno hand-paint shoes based on the client’s preferred design – any design! They recently expanded their products to include tote bags as well. Cuteness overload and creativity overflowing!

Here are some of their creations:



Master Yoda
Archie and Jughead
joker and harley quinn.jpg
Eleanor and Park.jpg
My very own Eleanor and Park pair! ❤
Battle of the Bastards
The ultimate face off: Harry Potter and Voldemort

Apparently, Atty. Paulyne Lazaro-Fermin, a lifestyle columnist from the Manila Bulletin saw their work online and asked them if she could write a feature article about FACE OFF KICKS. Needless to say, it was a no-brainer; they immediately said yes and thank you very much. They met a couple of times for the interview and even my nephew Danyael joined them. Hehe. They told me Atty. Paulyne and her family (who each ordered a pair of their own Face Off Kicks!) were the nicest.

And then yesterday, the big day has arrived. From one Facebook message came a full-blown feature article about our favorite start-up!

Feels surreal!

You can read the article here.

I can’t even begin to describe how proud we all are. Especially Mommy! She bought three sets of the newspaper and showed it to our neighbors. 😀 I haven’t really talked to my brother yet because I heard he’s busy answering inquiries for orders. 😉 The article was such a booster. Thank you to Atty. Paulyne for believing in small businesses and their inherent soul.


And yes, I volunteer as tribute for FACE OFF KICKS so if you want to place your orders, just comment below. Or better yet, please follow them on Facebook and Instagram @faceoffkicks. We’re also legit adults with working e-mail addresses so hit us up at faceoffkicks@gmail.com. Many thanks! 🙂


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