What I did today

It’s the 8th of October year 2016, 10:22 p.m. on a Saturday as I write (type?) this. Not that it was particularly exciting or unique at all, but just the same, allow me to chronicle how my day went. (Other things are going on in my life, but I don’t have the strength yet to actually write about them because I’m an escapist like that.)

After a dreamless sleep, I woke up at around 6:30 this morning and read a little bit of Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Bought this at Booksale last week. I love how the cover is the rare kind and a bit tattered. Second-hand books have so much hidden history in them.

The novel is just brilliant. It’s a love story, philosophy crash course, political commentary, and moral self-reflection all rolled into one. The presence of the omnipresent narrator telling the story in a first-person point of view is such a treat. He’s like this voice inside your head that accompanies you page by page as the story unfolds. Here’s how the novel began (and may I say that it is one of the most beautiful beginnings I’ve ever read):

The idea of eternal return is a mysterious one, and Nietzsche has often perplexed other philosophers with it: to think that everything recurs as we once experienced it, and that the recurrence itself recurs ad infinitum! What does this mad myth signify?

Putting it negatively, the myth of eternal return states that a life which disappears once and for all, which does not return, is like a shadow, without weight, dead in advance, and whether it was horrible, beautiful, or sublime, its horror, sublimity, and beauty mean nothing.

If that isn’t mind-boggling, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2 whereby the author talks about love and ends up questioning if it is indeed real or mere illusion:

He smelled the delicate aroma of her fever and breathed it in, as if trying to glut himself with the intimacy of her body. And all at once he fancied she had been with him for many years and was dying. He had a sudden clear feeling that he would not survive her death. He would lie down beside her and want to die with her. He pressed his face into the pillow beside her head and kept it there for a long time.

Now he was standing at the window trying to call that moment to account. What could it have been if not love declaring itself to him?

But was it love? The feeling of wanting to die beside her was clearly exaggerated: he had seen her only once before in his life! Was it simply the hysteria of a man who, aware deep down of his inaptitude for love, felt the self-deluding need to simulate it?

I’m about 250 pages away from finishing the novel, but I’m taking my time. Good things need not be rushed.

One of the things I look forward to in Saturdays is breakfast time.


Everyone in our family is required to have breakfast together, regardless of whether you’re not hungry or still sleepy. My mom’s rationale: you can eat just a little bit, and you can always go back to bed. The point is, everyone should start their day at the breakfast table with each other. Today we had pandesal and ham and coffee. My brother and I devoured the ham! It felt like Christmas morning of New Year’s Day because we usually only eat ham during the yuletide season. Hehe. My dad, as usual, was the biggest goofball and kept singing horrible songs.

After breakfast, everyone dispersed and did household chores. Well, except my brother who went back to bed. Oh the perks of being the youngest! I also went back to bed but by then it was too late to sleep again so I just watched the first season finale of Sherlock.


I love this episode. Really didn’t see that twist coming! The ending was such a cliff-hanger, but even though I already have seasons 2 and 3, I didn’t want to watch it yet. As I’ve mentioned, I like taking my time. Hehe.

I took a nap after lunch. Naps are high on my list of favorite things to do on weekends. And then it was time to get ready because I was meeting my best friend and we were going to watch Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. (I had a huge slice of Sbarro pizza and root beer while in the cinema because I was hungry.)


I haven’t read the book and I didn’t even see the trailer but I enjoyed the movie. The peculiars were adorable. My favorite scene was when they were fighting the hollows at the carnival. I had to cover my eyes for the close-up shot of the dead blind man. It was too gory and I didn’t want to have any nightmares tonight. The only thing that bothered me was that what was their life’s purpose the entire time they were in the loop? Living the same day, all day, everyday – wouldn’t you get tired of it? Is it really a better alternative than death with all its finality?

Fast forward to now and it’s already 25 minutes past the hour of 11. I have just chronicled my day and I’m about to watch Miss Stevens.


It was recommended by my best friend and the synopsis is really interesting:

When Miss Stevens chaperones three of her students – Billy, Margot and Sam – on a weekend trip to a drama competition, she discovers that coming of age stories aren’t just for teenagers. Exploring the fine line between being a grown up and being a kid, MISS STEVENS looks at the moment you realize maybe you’re the responsible adult in the room, and what comes after you find out you’re not who you thought you’d be.

That’s it! It’s going to be Sunday in half an hour and as for me, I had a pretty good Saturday.

How about you? What did you do today? 🙂


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