The One at the Sundowners Vacation Villa

An entire weekend in a private villa with no adult supervision? Sounds like any parent’s nightmare for their teenage kids, right? But that wasn’t the case for my folks because 1) I’m not a teenager anymore (huehue) and 2) They know and trust me and my friends. They practically saw us transition from kids to awkward trying hard teens and now to chill, steady, cool adults(ish). Hahaha.


We ended our Pangasinan weekend last June ended at Sundowners Vacation Villas, this up-and-coming vacation place that Mark recommended earlier this year. Apparently, Sundowners was the most Googled local destination in 2015. When we checked their website, we were almost completely sold. I mean, check out their write-up:

Sundowners Vacation Villas located in Bolinao, Pangasinan offers whitewashed Santorini-inspired vacation villas for rent. Sundowners Vacation Villas is your home away from home, your relaxing sweet escape and your private sanctuary away from the city noise.

Dear Sundowners, you had me at Santorini.

Lovely lovely

OA ba yung edit ko? 😀 For the sake of fairness and transparency, here’s the original picture:

See, I just brightened it up a bit. Hehe.

Since we were a group of 7, we got their Arthur Barkada Villa which was really spacious. Medyo aalog-alog kami pero ang saya. Hehe. I didn’t take photos of the villa but here are some photos that I grabbed from Sundowners’ Facebook page:



Moroccan style living room. Taray. Hehe. I just got so stressed when we arrived because there so many flies, well, flying around. Kaloka! But one of the staff immediately helped us and sprayed some air freshener and to shoo the flies away. Remember that couch because I will be referring to it later as we go along in the story. Hahaha.


Mark and Joan were primarily in charge of the kitchen but I volunteered to be their apprentice because I am never allowed to stay in the kitchen at home. Mommy has this irrational fear that I’m going to burn something if I stay in the kitchen for more than 10 minutes. True story, bro. So at Sundowners, I soaked up on all the kitchen time I’ve been missing all these years. Hahaha. On our first night, Mark and Joan cooked dinner and it was yummy. The next day, while Mark, Pam, and Mylene were busy maximizing the sunrise and taking early-morning pictures, Glenn, Joan and I made breakfast. Jesrell slept like a baby. Hehe. I had a great time at that kitchen!

Eating merienda after we arrived. That dish on the silver pot was actually smores. We couldn’t find a smaller and cuter container! 😛
The balcony

This was where we spent the most time hanging out. We also ate our meals here. It was so breezy and the view of the infinity pool and the ocean beyond was quite spectacular. Right at that round glass table was also where I had my first taste of tequila. Oh man, it was like cough syrup with way too much intensity. Hahaha. They taught me to take a pinch of salt and a taste of lemon after every sip; it really helped.

Spot the rainbow!
Tequila time! (I hope my Mom never reads this hahaha)

We didn’t finish the whole bottle because everyone got exhausted and sleepy at around midnight. I thought I wouldn’t get ~drunk~ of ~tipsy~ but after the sixth or seventh round, I felt dizzy and had to beg off. Oh my goodness I actually slept on one the balcony sofa but sweet thoughtful Joan woke me up and told me to go inside the villa. The villa has three bedrooms but I didn’t make it to any one of those and just collapsed on the living room couch (this is the reference I mentioned earlier). So yes, I can now cross “get drunk” from my list of things I haven’t tried. Haha. In hindsight, feel like my college self should have been the one experiencing these things, but I can’t bring back the time so yeah.

Before drinking, we stayed at the infinity pool and just played like kids. A storm was brewing that night and there were short episodes of brownout which freaked us out a bit so we decided to go back to our villa. Hehe. Looks like deep inside we’re all still just a bunch of kids afraid of the dark.

The next day, after breakfast and swimming, we just lounged around and laid on the bed talking and laughing about nothing or everything. Pretty soon it was time to pack our bags and leave and go back to the life we left behind, even for just three crazy, serious, meaningful days.

Here are our parting shots from Sundowners 😀





Okay! I guess that wraps up by Pangasinan stories. Thanks for taking the time to re-live those days with me. I hope I didn’t bore you guys too much especially since I tend to just blabber a lot and go on and on like what I’m doing right now. It’s just so hard to write a final sentence, you know? Hahaha. Ciao!


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