Patar Rock Formation

When we arrived at Patar Rock Formation, we were a bit surprised that there was an entrance fee and was completely dumbfounded when we were told that it was PHP70.00 per head. But of course we were already there and we’re a pacifist group so we just paid up and went down the van.

It was actually a beach front rock formation and when we got there, I must say, we kind of understood why they would charge that much for sight-seeing. Quite a sight, indeed.


Aside from us, there were only two other groups of people there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Nothing emphasizes your smallness more than being surrounded by the vast beauty of nature.



Admittedly, our only agenda at Patar Rock Formation was to drink in all the marvelous view and take as much of it as we can through photographs. The view of the sea as seen from the rocks was breathtaking and the gigantic clear clouds were absolutely picturesque.



We were there at around 2PM and the sun was blazing, but we didn’t mind. I just read this somewhere, “Tan lines fade; memories don’t.” Naks! 😉

Things are looking up!
Somebody needs to teach me how to not be awkward when posing for photos
Okay, it was really hot, look at the left side of the photo, you can barely see a thing. We had to take a momentary shelter because no to dehydration! Haha.
Hi Glenn!
The always fabulous Mark
When I saw this, “Uy, profile picture!”


Jesrell, me, Mylene
Everyone except Mark who was still trying to go down from the rocks hehe



When we finally went back to the van, we were all very red. I’d like to think that more than the heat of the sun, the redness was our happiness meter just bursting from too much joy. Up next (or when I next find/make the time to actually sit down and focus), I’ll be writing about our experience at Sundowners Vacation Villa, which was the place we went to right after Patar Rock Formation. But for now, since it’s a Monday evening, I have to sleep early because of work tomorrow, but knowing me, I’ll probably watch an episode of FRIENDS first. Oh, how I love my friends and my FRIENDS! 😀


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