Bolinao Babies

This is the part where I continue chronicling the out-of-town trip my friends and I had last month. After our island-hopping adventure at Hundred Islands, we woke up the next day so very looking forward to what’s in store for us, namely: going to Enchanted Cave in Bolinao, Pangasinan, lunch at the Sungayan Grill seafood restaurant, Patar rock formation and the most awaited part, lounging around at our private villa in Sundowners!

We were in the middle of the sea!
We saw bats during our boat ride in broad daylight, but of course they were sleeping. Hehe.

I didn’t realize until then that I’ve never been inside a cave before. Enchanted Cave was one of my favorite parts of the trip because that’s where I felt the bravest. Hehe. The water was really cold but not the shivering kind, more like the cool splash that seems to tell you to let go, it’s okay, you’re safe under. Ironically, we don’t have much photos from when we were inside the cave. Haha. We were obviously having way too much fun to pause and smile for the camera.




After swimming inside the cave, we had to take showers at the makeshift shower area with a bunch of strangers. It was all cool, though, everyone had fun and was kind enough to, at one point or another, fill the buckets with water for the others.

Special thanks to our driver Kuya Zaldy for taking our “artsy” touristy group photos!

And then it was time for lunch! We were starving by then but were in a jolly good mood because of the Enchanted Cave. Sungayan Grill was about a 20-minute drive from the cave.

Our lunch. Promise, it looks and tastes more appetizing in person!


Kids of Instagram. Hahaha

The quaint farming village surrounding Sungayan Grill was very calming and peaceful. The breezy air in the province is really like no other.

Mirror image



I love this shot. Very Bridges of Madison County.
~the feels~



I’m just going to leave you with these pictures of ours trying to be all cute and adorbs! ❤





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