My brother’s girlfriend is here at our house visiting and the three of  us were in the living room. They were on the sofa and I was at the table reading The Girl on the Train when all of  sudden I get a message from my brother telling me I’m annoying af. I looked at him and his face was emotionless, like he did not just send a ridiculous message to his older sister. So I replied and asked him what his problem was. Apparently I shouldn’t have been in the same room with him and his girlfriend even though I was not even uttering a single word and was just totally minding my own business. “We’re hanging out and you’re here. Use your brain for once.” What the hell?! I was just trying to read my book! So I told him to leave me alone and stop being so immature. But in the end he won’t leave me alone and kept sending me hate messages. All along his girlfriend (she’s cool, I have no problem with her) was totally unaware of the sibling war happening online. So here I am now, sentenced to a couple of prison hours in the room, frustrated and angry at having been unfairly kicked out. *tears*

Disclaimer: That’s an old photo, but pretty much the same emotions involved. Haha.


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