Hundred Islands, Philippines!

A month ago, my friends and I went on a 3-day out-of-town trip for our annual summer getaway (which only started last year haha). As usual, Mark took care of the planning, itinerary, and logistics because he’s the most hands-on among all of us. This year’s destination: Pangasinan!

We hit the road at a little past midnight on Saturday (June 4). I slept almost the entire ride and they kept teasing me about it and told me it’s like I have a sleep switch which I just need to flick on and off because of how quickly I fall asleep. I just said it’s a gift and I’m proud of it. Hehe. After a quick stop-over in Tarlac City and six-hour road trip, we finally arrived safe and sound in Alaminos, home of the famous Hundred Islands.

Alaminos arrival.jpg
Mandatory group photo at the town proper. Hehe. That’s Jesrell, me, Mark, Joan, Mylene, Glenn, and Pam

We booked a day tour of the Hundred Islands and an overnight camping at one of the islands. Time is such a funny concept. We only stayed there for a little over 24 hours but we all felt that we stayed there for about a week. So much had happened. Experiences that were instantly converted into memories!

For someone who doesn’t know how to swim (I know, it’s embarrassing!), the entire boat ride to the islands (and all the other boat rides we had) were strangely calm and not scary at all. I thank my lucky stars for that. It may sound cheesy, but I just loved the Philippines a bit more after our trip. All the sights and the people sometimes just make you pause because they all just somehow take your breath away.






The first island we visited was Governor’s Island. We did a little trekking there under the blazing heat of the sun, but the view made it all worth it. For the entire island-hopping day, we were able to visit around five or six islands, had lunch on the boat under the rain, played in the sea, tried to snorkel (and failed miserably hahaha), visited a cave, jumped off into the sea (in the case of Mylene, Mark and Pam), and basically had a tremendous amount of fun. I’m a self-confessed indoor kind of person but being out there and one with nature with my friends – it was just amazing.

Oh you know, just casually looking over those tiny islands hahaha


Look at us in complete snorkeling gear! Hahaha!


I believe this was at Children’s Island where we went after eating lunch on the boat. It was siesta time, the weather was breezy and the water was calm so we just sat there and chilled. (Chilled? Do you use “chill” in past tense? Oh never mind, I just did. Haha.)


Taking a break from the trekking for some picture-taking



“Guys, hindi ba blasphemy itong ginagawa natin?” | “Look up!”
Our home for the day!
Chillin’ like a villain
Posing with strangers



Funny/bittersweet story about that yellow aqua bag in the back: Mark brought that for all of us to store our stuff while we were in the water. At the end of the day, however, the bag turned out to not be waterproof after all 😦 Everything inside got wet, but the biggest damage was Mark’s phone. He was really bummed about it and we gave him a moment of silence for a while where he just grieved over the phone. After that, he was back to his normal jolly self, saying that he was finally able to gain acceptance for the situation. What a trooper!



We crossed that red, wobbly bridge!




“Candid” shot
Real candid shot haha


When it was almost night time, we finally headed to Quezon Island where we set up camp. In the middle of the night, while I was sound asleep and the others were trying to doze off even a bit, a sudden torrential outpouring of rain woke us up and forced us to evacuate the area and seek shelter under the roof of the “main house”. An actual tent under a roof. Hahaha. What a night!




Happy campers!
Or not? Hehe
Fixing our home. Hehe.
Me and my best friend!

Sunset series









After we set up our tent, we then  started our ihaw session where we grilled hotdogs and liempo. Mark and Joan did a good job of marinating the pork and we all were very appreciative. Hehe. I could only speak for myself because the others didn’t share the same view, but I really had a good night’s sleep inside that tent despite the rain, the occasional sand, and the persistent mosquitoes. I love those islands, that trip, and those crazy friends of mine! ❤


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