Blank Canvas Exhibit

A few months ago, my friend Bea and I went to this exhibit at A Space called Blank Canvas. We had no idea that all the artworks featured would be by wizard kids aged 12 and below. Needless to say, we were blown away. I never even graduated to the stick figure drawings and here were these kids having their own exhibits! For some reason, I see some kind of justice in that. Hehe.

The names behind the artworks.

So here are their artworks that are too good to just remain saved in my folders. Happy viewing!

by Jenova Ku, 8


by Raia Castillo, 12





Confession: I sometimes feel pretentious whenever I visit art galleries and exhibits because a teeny voice inside my head tells me I don’t really know much about art. When this voice starts talking and ruining my vibe, I just put my chin up and tell myself I may not know much, but I sure appreciate art a lot.


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