The part where I talk briefly about Youth

Words never fail to amaze me and sometimes I think of their possible other meanings. But whenever I’m telling a story, I find it hard to launch right into the story and I always have to sort of contextualize things. I guess my point is it’s kind of hard for me to get to the point. Having said that, allow me  to tell you that I have this cork board at home where I just pin whatever random thing that catches my eye.


Last Friday I saw a newspaper clip that says “Tragic Youth” and I cut it out for pinning on my cork board. But lo and behold, I ran out of pushpins so I just tucked the clipping into one of my notebooks.


I saw it again today and I literally had to do a double-take because I had a eureka moment after seeing the word “youth”.


I realized YOUTH is actually YOU + TH which could very well stand for trying hard. Maybe the formula or equation for youth – what really makes it up – is you and the act of trying hard – trying hard to grow up, to not screw up so badly, to learn as much from your experiences and mistakes, to fit in, to somehow make a name for yourself, and trying hard to just make it through the next chapter where maybe you won’t have to try as hard and as often because by then certain things will probably come naturally. I wished I realized this when I was younger and more trying hard.

But then again, I could just be over-reading a five-letter word. (But honestly, I don’t think so.)


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