Leap Year 2016

Four years ago, I wrote a time capsule letter to myself to be opened only today, February 29, 2016, in time for the Leap Year.


I stayed true to my word and just read the letter tonight. Wow. I don’t even know what to say. It feels as if nothing has really changed, but then I also know for certain that the person who wrote the letter is not exactly who I am now. Not anymore, at least. Or not totally. I don’t even know how to explain it. Haha.


For the sake of preserving that episode of my life, I’ve decided to share what my 19-year-old self had to say to the 23-year-old me. To my future self, if you’re reading this, cringe if you must, but remember that you wouldn’t be who you are now without us. 😉

February 29, 2012
1:41 p.m.

Dear 23-year-old Tricia,

It feels very weird and pretentious to be writing to my so-called future self. But today is Leap Year day and I really wanted to do something different. I Googled ideas and the most do-able one was “write a time capsule letter to yourself.” The most popular Leap Year tradition was more women to propose to their boyfriends, but since I’m very much single and super not ready to get married yet, that option is already out. The other option that I thought of was to finally take the risk and cut my hair really short like I’ve always wanted to. But I still don’t have enough courage so obviously I didn’t do it.

I hope that you’re doing great in your life while you’re reading this. It will also be nice if you yourself have something special to do considering that it’s also Leap Year on your timezone during your reading of this letter. But of course it’s much nicer if, while reading this, your family’s still very much intact and everyone has good health. I’d love to know that, unlike the time of writing this letter, you now have a stable job – the job that you love (preferrably something to do with writing because you’re such a writer wannabe).

Now let me tell you about how things are here. Alternative sentence: let me remind you of your not-so-long-ago past.

– You lost your idealism shortly after graduation because you realized how hard it is to find the job that you want. Thanks to nepotism, though, you are somehow still employed – not officially, of course.

– You love your family so much and I’m sure this will not change no matter what.

– Just recently you have finally admitted to yourself that you are practically friendless. There are only a handful of people you truly consider as friends. This realization did not break your heart and did not ruin your world, but it also did not make you shout for joy. (Do you have many friends now?)

– You have this notion that you’re never gonna get married and you’ll be forever alone. This is pretty much backed up by your no-boyfriend-since-birth record. (Do you have a boyfriend now? I hope he likes reading.)

Finally, don’t be fooled by this letter. Most of the time I’m happy (except when I get paranoid with the things listed above). Anyway, goodbye now. Always be good.

This letter is just a glimpse of your life. You still have your whole life ahead of you.

Yours Truly,
Your 19-year-old self


Wow. Thanks, old self. I suppose you would like to hear from me, if there’s still something you don’t know about me.

Here’s a quick rundown of my our life so far:
– Fret not, because all things considered, I’m doing great.
– Still such a writer wanabe! But I’m officially working as a writer for a corporation now so I guess that’s a yey? Yey!!
– Still single as ever. (Don’t start with me on the topic of love because I have a separate module dedicated for that. Hahaha.)
– Family is forever. And ever.
– Hey I have some new true friends now! Yeah!

Bonus track:
– I’ve been studying the Bible and the journey is nothing short of remarkable. Some days I agree completely with what I’ve been learning, and other days my heart literally feels like it’s being torn in two. True to my mantra in life, I’m just striving to strike a balance between taking things one day at a time and focusing on the future.

Happy Leap Year day! (Is that really what it’s called anyway?) 🙂



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