Sunday Fun Day

I love Sundays and today was extra special because we spent it at our favorite creative hub, Quriocity. Construction is under way for the new store which will open by end of next week in time for their first event/class for 2016.

Calling all parents who wish to turn your trips and travels a fun-filled learning adventure for you and your kids! Message @quriocityph on Instagram to reserve a slot.

Exciting! Also, I took that photo in Singapore and it was kilig-filled when they used it for the event poster. Hihi.

During our “creative tambay” today, we basically just celebrated the creative struggle that we all go through whether in art or in life, most of the time in both. Memorable weekend indeed.

Cool kidz 😎
Or naatt!


My brother’s hair is too blonde! He’ll have it colored ash gray next week. Oh well. Hehe. I have a photo on display at the Quriocity wall and I just had to take a selfie with it. Sorry for the narcissism.


Trying to copy my smile 😄



Hope you had a fun weekend too! 🙂


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