Coz baby you’re a

Firework. Yes, I’m pretty sure it was a firework I saw on my way home tonight. And I’m not speaking figuratively, like how you probably feel when the person you unconsciously does this really cute mannerism, firework because for a moment your heart just exploded with how adorable said person of interest was. (Person of interest sounds like a crime suspect, ‘no?) Anyway. Not that kind of firework. I meant an actual explodes-and-lights-up-the-sky-for-three-seconds-then-actually-just-pollutes-the-air kind of firework. Nothing special seemed to be going on then but there it was. Orange glow in the dark sky. One giant spark then before you know it, it’s gone. Poof. Nada. I used to really love fireworks until I became jaded and realized how much they pollute the air. Still a sight, though. Old love never really dies, I guess? Nah, what do I know?

Post-fireworks view during NYE in Singapore. Hindsight always lends a certain beauty to almost everything, right?

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