Monday Musings Vol. II

A quirky store in Haji Lane, Singapore

Hurray! I survived my first work day for the year! It was pretty busy but it was also pretty good. Last night I was so scared to go to work again after my 7-day leave, but my mother and my mother and my best friend talked some sense into me and told me it’s okay to take a leave once in a while, especially when you know you’re working hard.

Speaking of my best friend, (and this is a bit mushy but please bear with me), my best friend used to be my best friend until he became my person. I’ve written this before somewhere else maybe but I’ll say it again – whenever I feel like I’m losing my sanity, I just have to go to my best friend and he’ll hand it back to me.

And now I’m just going to write random things and little thoughts…

I once read this sentence in freshman year of college and I never forgot it: “This is goodbye to the time when you were what I always wanted.” Ouch. But so liberating. But ouch. But still.

Maybe the biggest cinch was realizing (at last) that you don’t want to be just an afterthought.

Sometimes I want songs I love to become human beings even just for five minutes so we can hug each other and just cuddle.

There’s this creative writing class I want to sign up for but it’s so expensive. I cry.

Bea shared a really good analysis about fixation a d I think her hypothesis is correct.

I’m so sleepy right now. I hope I can write daily. In 2015 I barely had any writing done and my excuse is that I did more living than writing during the year. But it’s not acceptable because to live is to write, and vice versa.


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