Things I’m thankful for today

The past couple of weeks have been very busy; I barely have enough time to just pause and take everything in but tonight I want to make time to at least try to make a list of the things I’m thankful for today.

1. The joy I get from my job
Isn’t it funny how the words joy and job are differentiated only by a single letter? I literally just realized that after I wrote it and to me it means it’s the little things that make all the difference. I’m blessed and thankful to be working with hardworking, dedicated and wonderful people. I never thought I’d get this attached to my workmates but alas, such is life. Full of surprises. Hehe. We have crazy workloads most of the time and I don’t think it would’ve been bearable if we’re not all good friends.

2. Our dog Loki
Not a single day goes by when I go home and he doesn’t welcome me back with all his crazy jumping and spinning around. I go home late sometimes and everyone is already sound asleep and even Loki has gone into lalalaland but the moment I open the gate, he snaps back into wakefulness and barks hello to me. He really is one of the first signs of home. Sobrang kulit niya and I pretend that I’m annoyed by his rowdiness but deep inside I feel loved tuwing nagpapapansin siya nang ganun. Hehe. I really should play with him more often.

3. My quick alone coffee time tonight
I snuck out of the office (after office hours) to grab a quick cup of coffee and recharge myself by being alone. I need to be alone every now and then, otherwise I get drained. The cappuccino I ordered was a sweet bonus to the already sweet short moment of solitude.

4. My bed
The feels. So good.

On that note, I should probably go to sleep now. Long long long day tomorrow. I’m thankful for today and praying for strength and clarity of mind tomorrow. Hugs and kisses to the Universe!


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