Monday Musings

Hello! How was your day? I had coffee tonight so I have more energy than usual. I’m just gonna go ahead and talk about my day, like I used to in what seemed like another lifetime ago. (Okay maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement.)


I was a horrible friend today. You see, my friend was a bit under the weather (an understatement) and I didn’t even ask him how he was and what I can do for him, all because of the reason that I ~think~ he doesn’t want to talk to me because of something I said. I feel bad and I hope we can go back to our normal chatty selves soon. But more than that, I hope he gets better real soon. And better for the long term, not an on-and-off kind of thing. Haay, why must health be so elusive sometimes?

It seems like every time I plan to go home early, something always comes up at work. Like today. I was all set on having coffee, reading and studying tonight but all of a sudden there were things that needed to be done. So I ended up famished (OA) and coffee won’t do anymore and the next thing I knew, my feet brought me to Salad Stop and I had (what else) salad. The serving was enormous! I felt like I had enough greens for a month. I must have been really hungry because I finished all of it. It was also nice that I got to do a bit of reading and studying. On my way out, I saw this Nescafe vendo machine and got myself a cappuccino for only Php14. So good! It ended my dinner perfectly. I wish we have the same vendo machine in our office.

While in the van on my way home, I watched an episode of Misaeng. It’s been a while since I last watched a Korean drama and it feels good to be back. The ride home was quick enough that I didn’t even get to finish the 1 hour and 10 minutes duration of episode 8. Not complaining, though. Hurray for light traffic.

And so I finally got home. Everyone was home already and Daddy being Daddy, was lying on the couch with his eyes all white and his eyeballs nowhere in sight. He got what he wanted because the moment I saw him, I bursted laughing. Hehe. What a goofball.

And then I got to look at myself in the mirror and, que horror, a small piece of leaf apparently got stuck between my two front teeth. Thank goodness I did not have to smile at anybody! I looked weirder than usual and I couldn’t stop laughing at myself and the clingy leafy thingy.

And now here I am, trying to recapture the highlights of my day while talking to my cousin and my best friend (whom I didn’t talk to for almost two months because, again, I ~thought~ he didn’t want to talk to me). Anyway, we never really talked about those 2 months but I’m glad it’s over.


Early day again tomorrow and it’s almost midnight. Me and my sleeping habits. Good night!


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