“How do I begin? How do I know I’ve already begun?”


Two weeks ago, my best friend and I watched the opening run of No Filter: Let’s Talk About Me, an original monologue by Sandbox Collective. The play features more than a dozen of monologues about millennials, by millennials, and for millennials. Tackling a variety of issues from self-esteem, relationships, family, dreams and doubts, the Internet, and so much more, No Filter managed to be anything but preachy. It was enlightening without being imposing.


Of course it wouldn’t be as effective if the actors were not able to deliver and do justice to the material. No Filter had the killer combo of awesome script and great acting.

The entire time we were watching, it felt like somebody went inside my head, carved out my innermost thoughts and presented them on stage. It was so comforting to know that contrary to what I might have thought, I’m actually not alone in going through all these issues that I’m too shy to openly talk about with family and friends. It’s really nothing short of amazing when a work of art makes you feel less alone.

I’m so happy I got to watch this play with my best friend. I can imagine us in the future making references to that one rainy Saturday afternoon when we watched that play we could relate to so much.

Huge smiles after the play

It was only fitting that we ended the great day on a sweet note so of course this happened…

Because how can you go wrong with gelato?

How do I end (this post)? How do I know I’ve already ended (it)?


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