A Dinner Tale

My brother and I usually go home together after work. The daily grind inevitably takes its toll on us and we would always end up grabbing something to eat before heading home. That’s exactly what we did last night, except that we ate more than our usual light snacks. It turned out to be an unwise decision because when we got home, we found out our mother cooked our favorites for dinner. The thing is, we would’ve devoured the food under normal circumstances, but we were just too full from our McDonald’s escapade so, try as we might, we really couldn’t take it anymore. Haha. Our ever-chill mother and queen of nonchalance just shrugged it off when we told her we couldn’t eat dinner anymore, but I feel like she was a bit sad. In hindsight, I realize we really should’ve eaten because it’s the least we could do to return the favor of Mommy’s efforts to cook. So this is me writing it all down as a manifesto for myself to always be more sensitive of other’s feelings, especially if it’s my mom’s! And to also try to stay away from McDonald’s and other fast food junk.


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