Me and the Weekend: Reunited and it feels so good

The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy in the office (in a good way) and last week we went to work from Monday to Sunday. For someone like me who thrives on having some alone time every weekend, that was a pretty big deal. So this weekend, when I finally got my beloved weekend back, I made sure to reunite with some of the things I love doing most.

1. Reading


Without intentionally doing so, practically my entire month of June was devoted to reading The God of Small Things and yesterday I finally finished it. I think I still have bruises from all the pain I vicariously felt from the novel. I think it’s one of those books that just consumes you so you can’t really rush it because you might end up being spent even as you gain so much wisdom and realizations from it. The Love Laws that dictate who you love and how much, that’s what struck me the most in this novel.

2. Movie-watching


I like the first installment better but Flashlight is stuck in my head until now. Hehe. I loved the Bellas’ finale performance. And Emily is such a breath of fresh air.

3. Writing


All my life I have loved the act of writing. The smooth, easy glide of pen on paper gives me a natural high. When I read books, I unabashedly highlight quotes, lines, entire passages that, as Sarah Kay once said, “sucker-punch their way to your heart”. And then I write down these precious gems in a notebook and it’s like re-living the experience of reading again. When I’m lucky, sometimes new realizations even present themselves and it’s really rewarding. Also, I feel like nothing ever truly makes sense to me unless I write it down and dissect it through words that I myself have formed, based on how I try to come to terms with it. (In other news, I’m attending a two-day type-fest next week and I’m excited and nervous at the same time.)

4. Infinity-making

Those who know me know that I cannot draw to save my life. However, what I can do is make random patterns that, when grouped together, somehow resemble some kind of order or even, dare I say, beauty. I call them “infinity drawings” and I’m going to momentarily forget about my shyness and inhibitions and share one of them here.

The evolution of infinity

5. Messing with my space

I completely agree with Virginia Woolf on the importance of having “a room of one’s own.” I don’t have my own room; I share it with my brother. We have a double-deck bed and I occupy the upper half. In that tiny space I call mine, I have managed to install a single-row bookshelf and a wall filled with posters and other things I love. It has truly become a space of one’s own. This morning, the newest addition is this wallpaper I bought during our trip in Bali last May. It actually is a gift wrapper but I used it as a wallpaper because why not.

Daily reminder to never lose the music in my soul (Naks)

It covers just a portion of my wall but the giddy feeling it gives me covers the whole of my heart. Haha. Ang OA.


And this is me being pretentious with my grade-less and lens-less (and let’s just go ahead and say it, senseless) glasses posing in front of my newly-installed wallpaper. Hehehe. Forgive me.

Happy weekend, everybody! Don’t forget to do something you love. 🙂


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