My Week with Milk Tea

The golden age of milk tea was probably between 2011 to 2012. All kinds of stores with “tea” in their names sprouted and suddenly the good old frappuccino is no longer the sole contender for the Ultimate “It” Drink title. I thought at that time that the milk tea fad would soon die a natural death, but three years later I find myself loving (however belatedly) this cold smooth drink.

Staring lovingly (but still with restraint haha) at that no-fuss, no-fail milk tea from Wai Ying in Binondo

This week alone I had three different types of milk tea, all of which gave me various degrees of happiness.

Tuesday – Dark chocolate milk tea from Eternitea Leaf

I was waiting for the bus after work when I suddenly decided to finally try the milk tea place I always see near the bus stop. It’s a small, quaint place with just about four small tables but it didn’t feel cramped. Since it was my first time, I didn’t feel too risky so I opted to stick to their bestsellers and chose the dark chocolate flavor and went for 75% sugar. Once I had a sip, I gave myself an invisible pat on the back because I made the right choice. Dark chocolate milk tea is love.

Awesome milk tea, great book, badass bookmark

Friday – Butterscotch milk tea from Family Mart

I didn’t know Family Mart has bottled milk tea until found out about it from my officemate who used to drink it everyday. She recommended it so I thought I’d give it a try. I wanted to have the wintermelon flavor but it was already sold out when I went so I ended up having butterscotch. Not bad at all. Very light and smooth and not too sweet. I really liked it.

Saturday – Pure cocoa milk tea from Chatime

Haunted by the memories of the dark chocolate milk tea from Eternitea Leaf, I went to Chatime and ordered their pure cocoa variant. It tasted like Milo but with pearls. Childhood memories threaten to surface in every sip. I just thought it was a bit too chocolate-y and kind of lost its milk tea-ness already. Still, it satisfied my irrational milk tea craving.

As fun and yummy as it has been, I want to stay away from milk tea in the coming week. Anything excessive is bad. Even if it gives you varying degrees of happiness.


4 thoughts on “My Week with Milk Tea

      1. Right now, yes. 🙂 Eat Fresh’s milk tea is much like Wai Ying’s; since we’re rather far from Binondo and Banawe’s the nearest area from our workplace, their offering will do.

        We prefer Tuan Tuan, though – if not for the location and price of their milk tea. Toast Box’s teh tarik is also good, though it’s a bit expensive.

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