Of Books and Letting Go

There are moments in life in which you can’t exactly pinpoint when and how they started. But there are also instances when you know precisely when and how it all began. In the case of my love affair with books, it started when I was a 10-year-old high school freshman and visited a Booksale store for the very first time with my friends.

One of my favorites from my photo wall. Taken in 2010.

Fast forward to 12 years later and that love affair is still as passionate as ever. So you can just imagine how bittersweet it was for me to spend my Saturday sorting out my books and deciding which ones I’m ready to let go of and which ones I’ll still hold on to dearly for a long time.

Books are always so photogenic
Books are always so photogenic. Some of the books I’ve collected over the years.

In preparation for our shop Mr. and Mrs. Sis (still feels weird to say it hehe) which will have its debut performance (haha) at the Saturday X Future Market on May 16, I decided to go over my books and decide on which ones I’ll be selling. I was able to come up with a bunch of books (all in excellent condition!) and I’m excited to meet their new owners this Saturday.

What a beautiful mess this is
What a beautiful mess this is

Being the ultimate homebody that I am, I usually spend my Saturdays reading, writing and doing errands. But today was different. Somewhere between taking my books out of their shelves, dusting them off and re-arranging them, I had some sort of a crash course in the direct relationship between books and letting go. And I don’t think it was just the summer heat that gave me warm fuzzy feelings after.


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