Ilocos Adventure: Random Photos

March 19-22, 2015 will always go down in my personal history as the weekend when I went on my first out-of-town trip with my friends without adult supervision. Hehe. Me, Jesrell, Mark, Joan, Cecille and Noreen went traveled to Ilocos and made lots of memories. It was just the six of us and the irony is that I felt like such an adult the entire time while doing childish silly stuff with them.

We have so many photos and I grouped them according to the places we visited. For the first batch, let’s go with the random “factionless” shots. Hehe. (Confession: Most photos were shamelessly stolen from my friends’ cameras)

Processed with VSCOcam

Our trip was arranged by the very efficient 999 Travel and Tours. We left Manila on Thursday night and our meeting place was at McDonald’s Vito Cruz, right beside my beloved alma mater. Here’s our obligatory “excited for the road trip” shot while Cecille and Noreen were with their respective significant others. #Ganern?


Our first lunch in Ilocos was at Cafe Leona in Vigan City because according to Mark’s research, it was the top 4 dining place in Vigan. Our verdict: overrated and overpriced. But still, no reason not to take a happy group selfie.


Outside Cafe Leona


Each town we visited, one thing was constant: empanada. The best one we tried was at Irene’s in Vigan. Sarap!


Taken at 5 AM on Saturday, our second day in Ilocos, while waiting for our bus to take us to Laoag. That’s the facade of Coffee Swings Hotel in Vigan where we stayed for a night. I like their sleepy backpackers vibe.


Parklane Hotel where we stayed in Laoag was quite charming. These posters lined their hallway.


Cute cafe of Parklane. Very instagram-worthy. We wanted to have late night coffee her but they close at 10 PM.


Another Ilocos constant: Longganisa.


Breakfast at Parklane during our last day in Ilocos. Taray, nasa function hall.



My seatmate: Jesrell. Bus rides pa lang dami nang stories and craziness!

More photos and musings to come!


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