Dog Diaries: Loki and Oreo

Loki and Oreo 2019
Loki and Oreo – best friends and mortal enemies

Originally written in my Super Secret Journal on July 20, 2020 at 8:20PM:

We all love Oreo but tonight he was unanimously voted to be grounded inside his cage for being salbahe to Loki and attacking him aggressively even through Loki was not doing anything and was just quietly waiting for his dinner.

Oreo is an excessively jealous and possessive young dog. Whenever any one of us comes near Loki, he would suddenly jump at Loki and bite his feet incessantly until Loki is forced to move away from us. Loki usually ignores Oreo except when he’s hurting too much, like tonight. Loki’s piercing, frustrated and furious cry was unlike any we’ve heard before and it only means one thing: Sobra na si Oreo. Time for some tough love. He needs to learn his lesson to be kinder to his kuya.

So, as hard as it was for me, I didn’t pet him good night tonight.

Tough love really works both ways. It’s hard for both parties.

Bring The Soul

Just finished watching Bring the Soul, the BTS movie about the American and European leg of their Love Yourself tour last year. As expected, the entire movie warmed my fangirl heart and made me appreciate the seven young men seven thousand times more. You could really see their hard work and how they put everything they have in each show, not only because the love what they do, but also because they feel a sense of responsibility to the thousands of ARMYs watching them. We’re lucky to have each other, BTS and ARMY. And I’m lucky to have these two strong ladies as my friends. 💜💜💜

If there is such a thing as a Pixar moment — that heart-warming realization of what the movie is actually all about — I believe there is also such a thing as a Starbucks moment: the pure, innocent joy you feel when you and and your cute, shy and awkward barista share a shy eye contact and just the tiniest hint of a subtle smile. He takes your order, you answer in your coarse husky cough-induced voice, and you look at each other for a split-second longer than necessary, then he takes your card and asks, “Savings, right?” and you answer, “Yes, savings.” then he gives you the keypad for you to enter your pin, and he ever so graciously turns around a little, maybe fumbles at an imaginary task, just to give you some kind of privacy as you type those four digits. Then you give him back the keypad, put the fresh juice you just bought inside your bag (no more wasteful paper bags), he gives you your receipt, and you both mumble a small, shy thanks. Then you leave and walk towards your day, smiling a little to yourself at the thought of the cute, shy, awkward barista and the moment (could be real, could be imaginary) you both just shared. A good morning, indeed.

Going home after a hard day’s work is a feeling like no other. There’s so much dignity in service. Knowing that you did not slack off, that you did the best you could with what you had – that feeling is priceless. And so the day ends and tomorrow another one begins.

The seemingly endless
stretch of summer
has finally come to a close
& it’s now all cold breeze,
dazzling drizzle, and the
occasional thunderstorm.
Another season has come and gone.
What have we become?


Such a heartbreaking day. After peeing blood since yesterday, Loki got checked by the vet today and was diagnosed with kidney failure. No prior symptoms that’s why it only manifested now when it’s already on terminal stage. Loki is now on dextrose and undergoing meds. He wouldn’t eat or drink but at least the blood pee has stopped. We’re all still praying and hoping that Loki our love will be with us for many more years.

Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday morning and I’m alone in the house after everyone went off to their day’s plans. I just finished cleaning the house and washing the dishes after breakfast. I’m enjoying the silence and my alone-ness, but I can’t help but feel like this could be a vision of what my future looks like: Quiet and alone.

How is your Sunday morning, so far?

Whatever it takes

What saved me tonight:
1. GoSurf50 (for the much-needed data)
2. Grab (for the much-needed ride)
3. God (for the much-needed protection)


I watched Avengers: Endgame tonight (alone, of course) and it was such an epic movie with a beautiful, neatly tied-up massive story. Everything went well, except my commute going home. There were no buses going to Dasma or MOA in Ayala so I decided to ride the Alabang route and just get off at South Station like I’ve done a few times in the past. This was around 11:00pm already.

Unfortunately, the bus did not go to South Station and I got off at the very last stop which was somewhere near Star Mall and in the middle of Alabang, which I have zero navigation skills for since I’ve never been there. I was terrified because it was a scary area (there were beer houses around) and an unfamiliar turf late at night. There were no buses or vans going anywhere near my place. The van terminal I saw was for Bicol route! I crossed two overpass bridges and I was absolutely scared deep inside because all sorts of scenarios were already going through my head. I was half-expecting the whole time to just suddenly be stabbed or mugged, but the Lord is so good, He kept me safe the whole time.

Finally I decided to stay where there were people, instead of wandering about. I went back to the Bicol terminal and stood there while I try to calmy book a Grab ride. The first driver cancelled my booking but thankfully the second one did not. The pick-up point that the app automatically picked up was called Evie’s Eatery and I didn’t even see such sign where I was standing. Fortunately, after several messages to the driver, we were able to find each other. The ride cost me P503 but I didn’t care anymore; I just wanted to go home. (I thank my privileges for affording me to go on that very expensive Grab ride.)

It was such a terrifying experience and also broke my heart a little because more than anything, I felt so alone during that half-hour navigation of finding my way home. I thought to myself, “How can someone possibly have no one?”

But I tried to brush it aside. I console myself by thinking I’m such a strong and independent young woman. I can watch a movie and go home by myself, no matter how scary it turned out to be.

Still, I believe the Lord will give me a partner to face all these things together in the future. Someone to hold my hand and walk with me as I try to find my way home. Until then, I just need to be brave and never forget to pray and have a grateful heart. And maybe avoid going home too late.

At the end of the day, we all just want to find our way back home, whatever it takes.

We had a really scary moment at home tonight because when we looked at this cutiepie, we noticed that he was limping. He was running around just a while ago and then suddenly he couldn’t stand properly. I air-cried a little and panicked a lot, but good thing my mom thought of checking his leg. Apparently his fur got stuck in his leg and he kept licking it, trying to untangle the cute mess, but it just ended up sticky and even more stuck. My brother cut the stuck fur and finally freed our baby Oreo. Happiness restored 🤗

Today could have been better. It was one of those days when your insecurities seem to be stronger, you’re filled with something not quite self-loathing, but most definitely not self-love. There’s almost a sad resignation on your part that maybe this is all there is to it — just the mundane and mediocre. I tell myself it’s okay, because tomorrow, after all, is another day.

Just a cute cheering-on from my baby boi 💜